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Walt Disney

Donald Duck
Filled with enthusiasm, Donald reports to his local draft board after receiving a draft notice. Along the way, he passes several recruiting posters that romanticize army life. Especially intrigued by one for the Air Force, featuring attractive women and the promise of escorting them around, Donald decides that he wants to fly. After arriving at the draft board, Donald expresses his desire to join the Army Air Forces, adding excitedly, I came from a family of aviators! The desk officer directs Donald to a room where he is to undergo a physical examination.Inside the exam room, a team of white-coated doctors hurriedly pass Donald around, measuring him and testing his vital signs, vision, and hearing. Several gags during the scene emphasize the Army's willingness to accept as many recruits as possible, such as a color vision test that Donald passes even after mistakenly identifying a green card as being blue...