Character: Bananaman

Watch Free Online Bananaman Cartoons.Bananaman was a superhero in only the loosest sense of the word. His alter ego, Eric Wimp, was able to transform himself into a yellow-tinted crime fighter with the strength of twenty men and banana-themed powers and weapons, such as banana peel gloves. The fact that Bananaman was all but inefficient as a hero was a moot point considering the fact that his enemies were even more incompetent than he was.

Bananaman - Bananaman Meets Dr. Gloom
Bananaman - Ice Station Zero
Bananaman - The Alien Planet
Bananaman - Destination Danger
Bananaman - Wall of Death
Bananaman - Jaws of Steel
Bananaman - The Banana Kid
Bananaman - Auntie's Back in Town
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