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Warner Bros.

Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam
A severe drought has ruined the carrot crop in Bugs Bunny's northern home. Upon learning of a boom crop in Alabama, Bugs decides to make the trip to the fertile soils (later exhaustedly asking, I wonder why they put the South so far south?). As soon as he crosses the Mason-Dixon Line, he is shot at by Colonel Sam, who chases him but then quickly realizes that he crossed the Mason-Dixon Line and runs back, saying he has to burn the boots as they touched Yankee soil!. Bugs asked Sam what the deal is, only to hear that Sam believes he is a soldier of the Confederate States of America and has received orders from General Robert E. Lee to guard the borders between the Confederate States and the United States. When an annoyed Bugs points out that the War Between the States ended nearly 90 years ago, Sam says that I ain't no clock watcher! and shoots Bugs away, prompting the rabbit to make several attempts to shake his antagonist.