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Warner Bros.

Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam
In 18th-century England, the triple-masted schooner the Sad Sack (formerly the Jolly Roger) sits at the docks. Yosemite Sam's former crew member, a haggard, traumatized, disheveled man, escapes after stating to the audience: I was a human being, once.... Shanghai Sam is ready to sail at high tide and needs a new crew. Seeing Bugs Bunny, Sam quickly puts up signs for a fake free trip around the world. On board, Bugs waves goodbye to a cheering crowd (which is nothing but a mouse), and is knocked out when Sam conks him over the head.Bugs finds himself rowing the ship's oars with an iron ball chained to his foot. He storms up to Sam and demands he gets rid of it. Sam shrugs and chucks the iron ball, plus Bugs, overboard. Bugs storms up to Sam again (without the iron ball) and demands an explanation, but Sam orders Bugs to swab the deck...