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Warner Bros.

Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam
Bedlam Manor, located somewhere in England, during the 18th Century. Sam, Duke of Yosemite finds out from one of his servants that Sam no longer has any money, and that his uncle, the King, has cut off his allowance. After Sam punishes the servant for this message by giving him the nose-in-the-book penalty (slamming a heavy book on the servant's big nose), Bugs Bunny comes to his door as a representative of an unnamed company and offers Sam one million pounds. According to the document that Bugs reads, Sam must prove that he is worthy of the monetary gift by displaying mild temperament at all times; if he loses his temper at any time, a portion of the million pounds will be deducted, the amount depending on what Bugs thinks is suitable (In short, whenever you blow your top, you blow some dough. Get it?). Sam welcomes Bugs into his home, anxious to receive the one million pounds...