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Warner Bros.

Bugs Bunny, Yosemite Sam, Daffy Duck , Elmer Fudd
The opening frame depicts the exterior of Bugs' dressing room, inside which he is talking to the journalist, Lolly (a reference to the nickname of famed Hollywood columnist Louella Parsons).Daffy then marches into the casting director's (possibly Jack L. Warner) office just as he is on the phone with another executive discussing the difficulty in finding anyone stupid enough to be Bugs' stunt double for his next picture.After a visit to the Make-Up Department, Daffy gets his first taste of on-the-set film action shortly thereafter (a Western co-starring Yosemite Sam. Initially, Daffy is extremely excited to be finally in any motion picture. He takes Bugs' place in a rabbit costume and holding a carrot, and stands next to Sam.Next, Bugs is in a scene where Elmer Fudd is cast in his usual role as trying to hunt Bugs. Bugs is high in a tree, and Elmer is supposed to climb it to saw the branch Bugs is sitting on, off (though not all the way through, as Bugs reminds him)...